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12 Helpful Apps for Truckers

Updated: Jun 13

The use of cell phones and tablets is essential for success in the trucking industry. One reason for this is because of the ever-growing number of trucking-specific apps. Truckers now have access to the weather, live traffic reports, diesel prices, and their business, all in the palm of their hands.

These apps for truckers allow for easy access to information, improved business operations, and an overall increase in quality of life. If you are interested in increasing your efficiency and happiness on the road, here are 12 popular apps that are perfect for any trucker.

Trucker Looking At Apps for Truckers

The Best App for ATBS Clients

The ATBS Hub Mobile App makes working with us even easier! With this app, you’ll be able to easily call or email your business consultant, track your Per Diem deduction, and scan or import receipts, settlements, and other documents with just a few taps.

Have questions about the ATBS Hub Mobile App? Click here!

Trucking Apps

Trucker Path is considered by many to be one of the most popular trucking apps. The app is currently downloaded by over 600,000 truckers who use it for pretty much anything trucking-related. Trucker Path provides many features including navigation, parking status, fuel prices, weight stations, etc.

Truck Smart is an app that is brought to you by TA Petro. Truck Smart is another all-purpose trucking app that can fulfill many different needs. It can be used to reserve parking reservations, know fuel prices in advance, and submit service requests.

Drivewyze Free provides essential in-cab safety alerts, sponsored in part by state agencies in collaboration with Drivewyze, along with insights to optimize fleet performance. It is provided to the entire commercial trucking industry at no cost.

Greenlane is a strategic fueling app that offers deep diesel discounts. Save an average of 50¢ per gallon and as much as $1.30 off of the cash price at their growing network that includes: Love’s, TA, Petro, Speedway, Sunoco, Stripes, Maverick, and Kum & Go. Greenlane is free to use with no applications, credit checks, or fees, ever!

Mudflap is an app that focuses on independent Mom & Pop truck stops. These truck stops are usually 20 cents cheaper than major chains and paying for fuel through Mudflap saves you an extra 25 to 50 cents per gallon. They do all of this while charging no fees.

The Weigh My Truck app revolutionizes how professional truck drivers weigh their trucks. You can weigh your truck, pay with your smartphone, and have your scale tickets sent directly to your email while also keeping track of your weighs directly in the app.

Trucker's Slide Calc is an app to help semi truckers quickly slide their single, tandem, and tridem axles. It also makes it easy to calculate individual axle weights with weighbridge/whole-truck scales.

Business Apps

Truckstop delivers software solutions that support the entire freight-moving lifecycle, from matching to payment, and everything in between. As non-stop innovators, they’re always improving and growing to make Truckstop the best place for brokers and carriers to work together.

DAT provides a load board app free for all DAT subscribers. The app posts around 637,000 loads every business day. It includes features like spot market rates, saved searches, sort options, and company reviews.

BigRoad is an electronic logbook for owner-operators, drivers, and fleets. The app allows drivers to easily track hours of service by calculating the time for you. BigRoad will also send notifications for any errors or violations to help you avoid fines.

The TNTRUCK Mobile App is where owner-operators can get fast and easy quotes for trucking insurance, manage drivers and units, as well as access certificates and account information 24/7!

General Apps

The weather channel app provides information on exactly what you would expect…the weather! What separates this weather app from others is the ability to look at weather forecasts two weeks in advance. This app also provides alerts and notifications with weather updates in whatever area you are currently in.

As the name suggests, Windy is another weather app that is especially good at tracking and providing updates on the wind across the country. The app allows you to look multiple days ahead in order to plan your route accordingly and avoid areas of high wind.

Rolling Strong is a health and wellness company that focuses specifically on professional drivers. They offer an app that provides drivers with exercise and meal plans while on the road. A subscription to the company also comes with online coaching from the Rolling Strong trainers.

Today, it’s important that you take advantage of what your mobile devices can offer. All of these apps can improve your business and your life, with little to no cost. Take a look at all of these apps and see how much easier it makes your time as an owner-operator.

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Jackson Drew
Jackson Drew
2 days ago

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Sweet Tea Truckin
Sweet Tea Truckin
Jun 03, 2022

“Truck Smart” is the worst of the truck stop company apps!


I also use Google maps to get a street view of


Shane Campbell
Shane Campbell
Aug 27, 2021

I would also add Google maps.

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