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Our founders grew up in trucking...literally. At the age of 12, they worked during the summers in maintenance, dock work, and office tasks for their family truck line, Trans-Western Express. As adults, they ran the fleet and worked to convert their 350 drivers to become owner-operators. It was during this time that they saw a need to help great drivers become great business owners, as there were few, if any, resources available to these drivers.

When they sold their trucking business in the late 90’s, they took their passion for owner-operators and started American Truck Business Services, now known as ATBS. It started the back of a garage, helping truck drivers with their taxes.



Learn more about our history, where we are today, our mission, purpose, and vision, and more!



Since 1998, we’ve helped over 150,000 truck drivers with their business, and we can’t wait for the opportunity to help you! We think you’ll become a more complete driver if you can more easily balance your career with the precious amount of free time you have with your family, or the personal passions you love.

As the largest tax and accounting firm for owner-operator truck drivers, we take the complexity out of your lives. We handle the 'business of driving'. This means that our clients are doing what they love to do - drive, while they have less stress, make more money, and have more fulfilling personal lives.


At ATBS, we keep your business 'between the lines'. That notion was what led us to create and optimize the ATBS ‘RumbleStrip’ service packages.

Just like rumble strips on the interstate help you course-correct and keep you safe, we help course-correct your business. Often it’s a small nudge due to inattention, or perhaps a more fundamental shift in trajectory. Either way, your well-being, both financial and personal, is our primary concern!

Stacked Tires


What We Do Everyday

We provide accounting, tax, and business consulting services that help our clients prosper and live a richer life.


Why We Exist

We positively influence all who come into contact with ATBS and help them achieve their full potential.


Our Legacy

To utilize our God-given time, talent, and treasure to love and impact people for eternity.  

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