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With over 20 years of experience, no one understands the complex tax and financial environment facing owner-operator truck drivers better than we do. That's why we're happy to appear as a guest on shows and podcasts to share our insights with other audiences who want to learn more. Scroll below to check out some of our guest appearances.


Overdrive's Partners in Business

While gross owner-operator revenue across all segments was up nearly 10% in 2022 compared to 2021, net income was down by the same percentage on average during the year, according to data from its many thousands of owner-operator clients crunched by business services provider ATBS. This data was presented Friday, March 31, at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky, in an Overdrive’s Partners in Business seminar.

DAT iQ Live

Todd Amen, President and CEO of ATBS, joins DAT's Data Analytics team to examine current freight market conditions including market dynamics, spot rate trends, and forecast models.

The Oakley Podcast

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Todd Amen, Founder, President and CEO of American Truck Business Services (ATBS). Todd and Jeremy talk about tax implications of COVID-19 and what the CARES act means for owner-operators.

Arrow Truck Sales

Todd Amen, President and CEO of ATBS, returns to talk finances and business building with Kent! Todd shares a wealth of financial tips, including some lesser used tax deductions that can really help drivers and owner-operators. 

The Road Home Podcast

It's tax time and I hope you have your house in order. I sit down with Todd Amen, President and founder of ATBS. His firm is focused on business consulting and tax strategies for over 15,000 Independent truck drivers nationwide.

BulkLoads Podcast

Jared brings on Michael Schneider and Todd Amen with ATBS (American Truck Business Services) to discuss trucker taxes. ATBS has been in business for over 20 years and specializes in taxes, bookkeeping, and business success for truck drivers. They discuss multiple key points in this episode such as per diem and IFTA.

MATS Pro Talk

There is a better way to organize your trucking operation to help you achieve your dreams of running your owner-operator business. The owner-operators that operate this way make $5,000 to $10,000 more per year hauling the same number of loads. Come and listen to Todd Amen of ATBS and Brent Hutto of Truckstop as they discuss the straightforward principles you can work into your business to create the same result.

The Extra Mile Podcast

Eric Harley will be going the “Extra Mile” to extend some of their on-air topics and expand on the key issues/topics/legislation to truck drivers, owner-operators, and fleet owners. In this episode, ATBS and Red Eye Radio return to the basics to discuss self-help resources in training drivers to become better business owners/owner-operators.

Drilling Deep: FreightWaves

Todd Amen joins Drilling Deep host, John Kingston, to discuss what he’s seen in truckers’ 2022 tax returns coming off the strong freight market of 2021.

Truckers Network Radio Show

Shelley Johnson brings on ATBS Tax Manager, Michael Schneider, and Tax Resolution Manager, Charlotte Cowie-Bozner, to discuss some important things that every truck driver and owner-operator should know for the 2023 tax filing season. 

BCB Live

Mike Hosted, VP of Sales and Marketing, joins BCB Live to assists our nation’s logistics professionals and truck drivers to excel at their profession through educational content.

Chief Carriers

On this episode of Driven Too Far, Mike Hosted joins host, Andrew Winkler, to look at four tips to help you maintain profitability during a slow freight market.

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