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At ATBS, we believe in giving back to our community by donating our time, talent, and treasure to organizations in Colorado, where we are based.

Charitable Giving

  • Time: Each year, ATBS employees are given 16 hours of paid 'charitable time off' to volunteer with our chosen organizations, Family Tree, Project Sanctuary, UW SparkTank, and Kitchen One for One. 

  • Talent: On a case-by-case basis, we provide some of our services at no charge or a reduced fee to those in dire situations.

  • Treasure: Each year, we set aside money in our budget to donate to Family Tree and Project Sanctuary. Our employees also participate in Family Tree's Holidays of Hope program to provide Christmas gifts for families in need.

Get Involved!

We encourage you to donate your time, talent, and treasure to a charitable organization in your community. To learn more about the organizations that ATBS supports, keep scrolling below!

Family Tree.JPG

Family Tree

The mission of Family Tree is to help people overcome child abuse, domestic violence, and homelessness to become safe, strong, and self-reliant. For over four decades, Family Tree has provided innovative, life-changing services to those in our community affected by these issues. Each year, Family Tree provides services to tens of thousands of vulnerable people, as well as operates two safe shelters to hundreds of individuals and families who might otherwise be homeless.

ATBS employees regularly volunteer at Family Tree's various shelters by cleaning, organizing, cooking, and providing help with maintenance and landscaping needs.

Photo: ATBS employees preparing dinner for residents of one of Family Tree's shelters.

Project Sanctuary

Project Sanctuary takes military families from battle-ready to family-ready, having FUN along the way! A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Project Sanctuary helps military families reconnect and reintegrate into their communities by providing therapeutic, curative, supportive, and recreational activities in the healing leisure environment of several states across the country.

Project Sanctuary's recreational therapy and supportive environment offer a constructive and unique way for our nation’s heroes to reconnect with loved ones and readjust to life at home. The organization uses diversion therapy techniques through recreation along with classes focused on healthy marriage, financial sustainability, and coping mechanisms for families to navigate post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. A licensed counselor is available at all times during each retreat.

ATBS employees volunteer at Project Sanctuary's retreats and help with everything from cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, watching over children, and interacting with families.

Photo: ATBS volunteers helping children ride horses during a retreat.

Project Sanctuary.JPG

UW SparkTank

SparkTank is an initiative brought about by the University of Wyoming’s Ethics Club to give back to the Laramie community. SparkTank, similar to “Shark Tank” asks local nonprofits to pitch what they would do with a $10,000 investment. The club’s members then vote and divide up the funding accordingly. 


ATBS is a proud sponsor of SparkTank and was able to attend their award dinner last year.


Photo: ATBS in attendance at the 2021 UW SparkTank awards dinner.

Kitchen One for One

Kitchen One for One is a food truck that provides the best tacos in town to the local community and those in need. Their bright truck brings in those from all walks of life, allowing for conversation and connection between those who might not otherwise get the opportunity to share a meal together.

ATBS employees volunteer their time and a smile to help serve with Kitchen One for One by preparing the food, serving the food, chatting with attendees, and cleaning up after the event.

Photo: ATBS volunteers helping serve food at the Kitchen One for One food truck.

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