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We know the industry and what it takes to succeed. Don't settle for anything less than an expert in trucking to help you do so.




To help fleets grow and manage a better, more profitable owner-operator program.

ATBS is dedicated to the financial success of all owner-operators in the trucking industry. We've proven that by helping our partner fleet's owner-operators run successful businesses, our carrier partners see increased financial success as well.

Contracting with successful owner-operators means increased retention, reduced recruiting costs, and higher profit margins for our partners.

There is no cost to your fleet to partner with ATBS!

Reach out to us via the contact form below if you'd like to learn what a partnership with ATBS can do for the success of your owner-operator program!

"The service your team (ATBS) provides to the contractors is beneficial and does drive retention." - Fleet Partner


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why over 200 fleets choose atbs

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Our services are proven to help increase retention rates within your fleet.

We relieve pressure on your pay model.

We help mitigate the risk of misclassifying an independent contractor as an employee.

We provide data-driven information to independent contractors.

We coach your contractors how to effectively run a business.

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Losing a contractor who is unprepared for the extra costs associated with running under their own authority can be costly to both the fleet and the contractor. Feel free to make this content available to any independent contractors in your fleet.

The Cost of Getting Your Own Trucking Authority

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Do your independent contractors skip days on the road to try and get a higher paying load the next day? Download our flyer and educate your contractors to look at freight rates and operating costs in order to make the best business decisions!

Freight Decisions for Owner-Operators

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The Driver Career Journey is not a linear path, and many drivers will travel back and forth between different stops on the Journey over the course of their careers. We define the different stops along the Journey as follows.

The Truck Driver Career Journey

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