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With 2021 being an unprecedented year, examining the results of the past 12 months has unveiled some surprising results.



With all of the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and its economic impacts, we made this flyer to remind contract drivers why now is the best possible time to run hard and make money! You can pass this information along to any contract drivers at your fleet to help them position their business for success through these unprecedented times.



It’s no secret that insurance rates in the trucking industry are rising. These increases have impacted both our fleet partners and our owner-operator clients.



The Driver Career Journey is not a linear path, and many drivers will travel back and forth between different stops on the Journey over the course of their careers. We define the different stops along the Journey as follows.



Here are the factors that are causing the truck driver count to decrease and some recommendations for what fleets can do to combat the limited driver supply.

2020 Mid-Year Independent Contractor Ben


In this webinar, we'll provide a comprehensive report on the state of the trucking industry during the Coronavirus pandemic and discuss what to expect in 2021.



In this article, we will take a look at the impact high turnover can have on fleets and quantify the costs a carrier faces every time an owner-operator leaves.



ATBS tracks and analyzes the financial data of 15,000+ fleet owner-operators and identifies key trends including income, fixed and variable costs, retention, and more. During this webinar, we discuss these trends and provide a comprehensive report on the state of the trucking industry in 2019 and what fleets can expect in 2020.



Losing a contractor who is unprepared for the extra costs associated with running under their own authority can be costly to both the fleet and the contractor. Feel free to make this content available to any independent contractors in your fleet.



Stricter employee classification laws could be on the horizon. Your fleet should prepare for the chance A.B. 5-type legislation becomes the law of the land.



Do your independent contractors skip days on the road to try and get a higher paying load the next day? Download our flyer and educate your contractors to look at freight rates and operating costs in order to make the best business decisions!



Owner-operators have the freedom to decide which carrier to drive for. At some point, they may wonder, “will I make more money if I switch to a different carrier?” While the answer depends on several factors, remember that switching carriers comes with expenses that they may not anticipate.