The ATBS Mobile App makes working with us even easier! With this app, you’ll be able to easily call or email your business consultant, and scan or import receipts, settlements, and other documents with just a few taps.

Sections in this Guide:

  • Download the App
  • Log in to the App (Watch Video)
  • Contact Your ATBS Business Consultant
  • Scan a Document (Watch Video)
  • Import a Document
  • Send a Document to the App
  • Check Your Document Status
  • Logout

Download the App

After you sign up for ATBS services, you'll receive an email within 24-48 hours with login credentials for your ATBS Secure Online Portal and the ATBS Mobile App. Not a client yet? Give us a call at 866-920-2827 to get started!

The ATBS App is available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Click on one of the links below to download it, and login with your ATBS Secure Online Portal and Mobile App password.


Log in to the App

Watch Video Tutorial

1. On the app’s login screen, enter the same username and password that you use for the ATBS Online Secure Client Portal.

2. Not sure what your credentials are? Click here to reset your password.

Contact Your ATBS Business Consultant

1. After logging in, you’ll see a greeting, followed by your Business Consultant’s name.

2. Tap on the phone or email icon to contact your Business Consultant right away!

Scan a Document

Watch Video Tutorial

1. Tap the ‘Scan’ icon to take a photo of your document.

2. Tap the flash icon on the upper right-hand corner to turn the flash on or off.


3. Center your document in the view and tap the gold circle.

4. Use the cropping lines to cut out any unnecessary space from your image, then tap ‘Continue’.

5. OPTIONAL: Give your document a title, or add notes to each page. Note: Document Titles are only visible by you, while Notes are sent to ATBS.

6. Use the ‘Add Page’ button for multi-page documents - OR - documents of the same type. When you’re finished adding your pages, tap ‘Save & Send’.

Watch Video Tutorial on Adding Pages


7. That’s it! Your document is now on its way to ATBS! Wasn’t that easy?

Import a Document

1. Tap the ‘Import’ icon.

2. Locate the file you want to import on your phone.

3. Tap the document. Your file has now been sent to ATBS!

Send a Document to the App

1. Find the file on your phone that you want to send to ATBS.

2. Share the file to another app. (This process varies depending on the phone you use. Sometimes you have the option to 'Send' the file, or share the file using one of the following icons.)

 or or 


3. Find and tap the ATBS app.

4. Your file has now been sent to ATBS!

Check Your Document Status - New!

1. After scanning and sending an image or importing a document, go back to your home screen to see the status of your recently submitted documents. 

2. Documents are grouped into two categories: "Processing" and "Completed"

3. Here are what all of the document statuses mean:

  • Uploading: Your document is on its way to ATBS. If the document does not change to the status of "Uploaded" within a few hours, make sure you have a strong internet connection and try closing the app and reopening it. If the problem persists, please contact ITHelp@atbs.com. 
  • Uploaded: Your document has been successfully uploaded to the ATBS cloud server. There is no need for you to resend your document.
  • Received: Your document has been received by ATBS! There is no need for you to resend your document.
  • Posted: All done! Your document has been posted.
  • Reviewing: There is an issue with processing your document. Our team is reviewing the document and will get it to the appropriate department soon. There is no need for you to resend your document.



1. Tap the ‘Settings’ icon.

2. Tap 'Logout'.

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