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Help yourself run a successful trucking business by downloading our FREE owner-operator trucker tools including a Pre-Trip Inspection PDF and a Starting a Trucking Business checklist!

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NEW: Expected Fuel Cost Calculator

Plug your numbers into this easy-to-use fuel cost calculator to find out how much you can expect to spend on diesel. All you need is the cost of fuel, the number of miles you're going to be running, and your average fuel economy.

Trucker Tax Deduction Worksheet - Laptop

Trucker Tax Deduction Worksheet

Our list of the most common truck driver tax deductions will help you find out how you can save money on your taxes! Keep track of what deductions you are taking advantage of.

Starting a Trucking Business Checklist -

Starting a Trucking Business Checklist

Our Starting a Trucking Business Checklist will help guide you through the process of becoming an owner-operator. Learn more about the different steps.

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NEW: Value of Fuel Surcharge Calculator

Check out how your fuel surcharge affects your net cost of fuel. Enter different numbers to see how you can actually make money off the fuel surcharge when you drive more fuel efficiently. 

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Pre-Trip Inspection PDF Checklist

It's important to perform a pre-trip inspection before you hit the road each day. Use this Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist to keep track of the components you have checked.

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Guide to Obtain Your DOT Authority 

If you operate a for-hire carrier, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) requires you to have the right authority. Here’s how to obtain it.

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2024 Tax Deadline Calendar

Keep track of important tax deadlines with our tax deadline calendar. Make sure you're filing your taxes and making all of the quarterly estimated tax payments on time.

Download 2023 Tax Calendar

Download 2022 Tax Calendar

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2024 Per Diem Tracker

Our per diem calendar will help you keep track of your days on the road for the truck driver per diem tax deduction. Write a slash (/) through partial days and an X through full days on the road.

Download 2023 Per Diem Tracker

Download 2022 Per Diem Tracker

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