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Seven Small Steps to Big Results!

Losing weight can seem like a huge challenge when you look at how far you have to go to reach your goals. However, little steps will get you closer than you think, and create permanent change along the way. Here are seven small changes you can make to see big results!

  1. Eliminate one bottle of soda per day. At 240 calories/65 grams sugar(16.25 tsps) x 365 days/year = 87,600 calories/23,725 grams sugar(5931 tsps). This adds up to 25 lbs worth of calories!

  2. Walk one mile a day. You’ll burn about 110 calories, lower stress and gain energy! This adds up to 37,960 additional calories worth about 11 lbs. while also working your entire body and cardio respiratory system.

  3. Eliminate one unhealthy carbohydrate snack per day. Some examples: candy bar, chips, cookies, cake, etc. You’ll save at least 210 calories adding up to at least 6 lbs. and a lot of sugar!

  4. Do 20 push-ups a day (any kind). You will do 7,300 in a year! This is an excellent exercise working the entire upper body and abdominals. And, of course it burns a few more calories.

  5. Eliminate one high sodium food a day. At approximately 800 mg, this adds up to 292,000 mg/year. This drastically reduces your risk for high blood pressure and heart disease. Ex: soups and gravies, soy sauce and other sauces, salad dressings, salami, bacon and other cured meats, cheese, pretzels, cheese puffs, popcorn, chips and other snacks, pickled foods, fast foods, table salt, etc.

  6. Stretch for 5 minutes a day. This increases blood flow, reduces back pain, reduces stress, increase energy, reduces risk of injury, etc.

  7. Add one high fiber food a day. This will reduce your risk of diabetes, help control blood sugar, assist in weight control, clean out the digestive tract, reduce risk of stroke, IBS issues, and heal skin problems. Ex: Beans, peas and legumes, broccoli, brussels sprouts, 100% whole grain products, apples and pears w/peel, berries, dries prunes, etc.

Remember, you can always get to where you’re going, you just have to take the first small step. Even choosing just two items from this list to work on each week will get you closer to your goals!

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