Top 8 Health Apps for Owner-Operators

New FMCSA Medical regulations require certain health standards are met to get and keep a commercial driver’s license. These regulations include health of body, mind, and alertness.

When you’re on the road, it’s helpful to have tools right at your fingertips that can help you stay healthy and make good choices.

Being healthy isn’t just about what you eat, or how much you move - it’s about whole body wellness! At ATBS, we compiled a list of 8 get-healthy apps that address everything from sleep to memory strength and mental health.

Lumosity Cost: $14.99/month, or $79.99/year Smartphone Compatibility: iPhone

Train your brain by developing memory and attention with Lumosity Mobile. This app was developed by scientists that studied common neuropsychological tasks, then transformed them in to fun and challenging games.

In layman’s terms: Play games. Get smarter.

This app is used by over 50 million people worldwide, and creates a personalized training program to challenge your brain.

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Sleep Cycle Cost: $0.99 Smartphone Compatibility: iPhone

Android equivalent: “SleepBot”, Free Waking up to an alarm clock that jolts you awake from deep sleep will make you grumpy the rest of the day. Sleep Cycle tracks your movements as you sleep – gauging when you transition between light sleep and deep sleep. The alarm clock will wake you when your phone determines you’re in your lightest sleep cycle during a preset 30-minute wake-up window. You can even set your alarm to music of your choice! Click here for more information on Sleep Cycle. Click here for more information on SleepBot.

PTSD Coach Cost: FREE Smartphone Compatibility: iPhone & Android

This app is specially tailored to veterans and service members to help PTSD sufferers gain control over their anger or stress. Just hit the “manage my stress” button, input what’s wrong, and level of distress on a 0-10 scale. It’s designed to respond with something to help you through that moment – whether with a relaxation exercise, music, or positive images.

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Glooko Cost: FREE Smartphone Compatibility: iPhone & Android, but cables and adapters must be purchased separately

If you have diabetes, this app is for you! Glooko makes diabetes management easier, by taking data from your meter to help monitor your glucose levels. It also enables you to share readings with your healthcare provider. See if your phone is compatible, and how to get your cable and adapter here.

My Quit Coach Cost: $3.99 (It’s cheaper than a pack of cigarettes!) Smartphone Compatibility: iPhone

Nothing will move you more quickly towards health than taking the step to quitting smoking. No matter how many times you’ve tried, it’s worth the effort! This app can help you keep your cravings in check, and helps tailor a personal success plan in giving up cigarettes. With constant support and inspirational messages, this will help you kick that habit for good!

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