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Multiple ATBS Clients Honored at the Truckload Carriers Association’s Annual Convention

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

LAKEWOOD, COLO. – March 6, 2020 – During the Truckload Carriers Association’s Annual Convention, clients of ATBS won awards in two categories.

Ed and Tracy Zimmerman, team drivers for Hirschbach Motor Lines, Inc., were named the 2019 Highway Angels of the Year, also known as EpicAngels, during the Truckload Carriers Association’s Annual Convention. The award is given each year by the Truckload Carrier Association and its partner Epicvue.

Ed and Tracy Zimmerman assisted in the rescue of a man trapped in his vehicle that was upside down, in a ditch, and on fire. When Tracy first noticed the vehicle, she immediately stopped the truck and positioned it in a way to block traffic. She and Ed grabbed their fire extinguisher out of their truck and ran quickly to the scene. As one person used the fire extinguisher to keep the flames back, another used a crowbar to smash the passenger-side window. Ed, Tracy, and two other men pulled the trapped driver free and carried him from the vehicle moments before it exploded. Ed and Tracy were unharmed while the driver sustained serious injuries but is expected to survive. The Zimmermans have been ATBS clients since 2009.

On the same night, Kevin Kocmich, an owner-operator with Diamond Transport System, was named the 2019 Owner-Operator of the Year by the Truckload Carriers Association and Overdrive. This was Kevin’s fourth straight year being nominated for the award and first time winning.

Kevin is based out of Litchfield, Minnesota, and has been leased to Diamond Transportation since 2014. He averages about 115,000 miles per year while hauling mostly oversized and overweight freight. Kevin has driven more than 3.7 million accident and violation-free miles. He drives with his wife Joy and they stay on the road for two to three months straight before spending a week or two at home. Kevin also participates in the Trucker Buddy program, a program that connects elementary school classrooms with truck drivers in order to help kids learn about different school subjects through the scope of trucking. Kevin Kocmich has been an ATBS client since 2018.

“Being able to attend the TCA Convention and personally see these awards given out to the Zimmermans and Mr. Kocmich is a humbling experience. They are such awesome people who represent our industry and their profession so well. We are honored to serve them as they continue to be among the top professional drivers and business owners in the industry,” said Todd Amen, President of ATBS.

ATBS is proud and honored to assist such accomplished drivers with their trucking business needs.

About ATBS

American Truck Business Services (ATBS) is the largest tax, consulting, and bookkeeping firm in the transportation industry, with over 20 years of experience working with owner-operators and independent contractors. Since 1998, ATBS has helped over 150,000 clients earn more money, reduce stress, and drive a richer life. In 2016, ATBS developed the RumbleStrip line of service packages, which includes back-office solutions for truck drivers in every stage of their careers. For more information, visit

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