CPAs: Is Local Really Better?

Updated: May 6

How much is a handshake worth?

Here at ATBS, we sometimes hear owner-operators tell us they would rather work with a local CPA or Tax Professional instead of ATBS because they can “shake the hand” of their tax preparer.

Human connection is more important than ever - we agree! In a world where many companies are trying to get rid of human labor in favor of high tech tools and artificial intelligence, ATBS knows the true secret to success for tax companies:

Human beings want to work with other human beings.

This is a simple truth to us here at ATBS, but there are a lot of people in the world that think technology is going to completely replace humans in the workplace.

We disagree. While technology will undoubtedly replace many jobs in the future, we believe technology will be used primarily to help human beings work with other human beings - especially in industries where service is the product, like tax, accounting, and business consulting (which is what we do for owner-operators at ATBS).

Many drivers think that because ATBS is capable of working for you remotely that it somehow means they’re going to be working with a robot - not true! And by the way, we have offices (with human beings in them!) where you can stop by if you’re in the area to see us in person. Our focus is on working with you anytime, anywhere, but you can always stop by to see us as well!

Our services are designed with you (truck drivers) in mind, and that means focusing on having as much human connection as possible for your business. We know your world is becoming ever more automated and regulated by technology, and we always make sure that we never lose sight of the human connection with what we do.

When someone tells us they want to “shake the hand” of the person handling their taxes, what they really mean is, “I want a human being to handle my taxes and care about the outcome of those taxes as much as I do.”

Does that mean you need someone to do that work while they’re sitting in front of you? No! That means you need someone who knows trucking, who cares about you and your business, and who does this kind of work all year long (not just on April 15th) to get it done right.

Let’s talk about the differences between ATBS and your typical Local CPA or Tax Professional, and we’ll highlight some reasons why we really, truly, believe that ATBS is the best possible option for every single owner-operator’s tax needs.

#1) Industry (Trucking) Knowledge

Most CPAs or Tax Professionals are generalists. They know a little bit about a lot of different industries, which means they can generally do a decent job of minimizing your IRS liability.

However, you are always - always! - better off using someone who knows your industry inside and out. ATBS has been in the trucking business for 22 years, and all we do is handle taxes for truckers - this is a huge advantage for our clients because we know everything there is to know about our industry and the taxes related to it. We keep an eye on the tax laws every single day for our trucking clients to make sure we’re getting it done right, every single time.

#2) Year-Round Tax Help & Preparation

Most CPAs or Tax Professionals only work a few months out of the year, during tax season. If they work during the off-season, their hours are typically limited and they are tough to track down to get any work done.

ATBS is different because we work year-round to help our clients with their tax, accounting, and business consulting needs. Trucking never stops, so we make sure we’re here all year long to help you out. We don’t disappear after April 15th and leave clients out to dry if tax problems come up during the offseason!

#3) Going Beyond Taxes

Most CPAs or Tax Professionals don’t want to see your paperwork when it comes time to file taxes. They want to:

  • See you once per year

  • Have you do all the paperwork & bookkeeping yourself

  • Take the work you’ve done, charge you a ton of money, and simply plug the numbers in to file your tax return

Seems like a lot of work for you - and a lot of money to spend - considering they’re the supposed tax experts, right?

At ATBS, we take the tax burden off of our client’s hands entirely. We handle the paperwork and bookkeeping, we do their accounting each and every month, we calculate quarterly tax estimates so they can pay on time, we file their taxes each year, and we provide consulting year-round to help our clients minimize their taxes and maximize their profits.

We are a full-service tax provider. Our clients deserve the opportunity to focus on running their business while we take care of the rest! Don’t pay someone to file your taxes when you’re doing all the work yourself. Let ATBS help you year-round so you can save time, cut out the stress, and focus on driving your truck… we’ll handle the rest.