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IRS Will Bring Back Form 1099-Nec Impacting Owner-Operators and Trucking Fleets

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

*UPDATED 7/21/2020

LAKEWOOD, COLO. - [August 14, 2019] - The IRS will begin using form 1099-NEC (Non-Employee Compensation) once again during the 2020 tax year. In 1983, the IRS started requiring businesses to file Form 1099-MISC for contract workers such as owner-operator truck drivers. Now the IRS is reverting back to form 1099-NEC.

The revival of this form is related to the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (PATH Act), which requires businesses to file information returns about any non-employee compensation by January 31 of each year. This resulted in problems with the IRS’ processing systems because there was still a due date of March 31 for any 1099-MISC forms that didn’t contain non-employee compensation. 

To simplify this, the new Form 1099-NEC contains an extra box and a single due date. Click here to view a draft of the form, available on the IRS website.

Fleet owners are advised to take note of this change, as it will require them to issue a different form to their owner-operator independent contracts likely beginning with 2020 income. ATBS will continue to share additional information about this change as it becomes available. 

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