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Connecting With Your Customers

Recently, I had the privilege of getting an inside look at how ATBS, a corporate tax and consulting company, functions. Being a truck driver, I definitely felt out of my element, however, I did see how this professional corporate atmosphere may appeal to certain people. Today, I will talk about these demographics and how they interact with each other.

This is just a personal observation, but office workers are more likely to have a formal education, as opposed to drivers who usually don’t. Generally speaking, people who go to college tend to have more liberal/ progressive values, as do people who live in cities. This contrasts with the average driver, who tends to be blue-collar and holds traditional, conservative values.

Why highlight these values? To better understand our coworkers and customers, we should acknowledge and celebrate our differences. This is what’s at the heart of the value of diversity.

A shared goal we have is to grow together and create a thriving business that serves our community. Any feelings of animosity or disdain should be acknowledged and released, keeping in mind our shared goal of cooperation. Remembering that it’s “us versus the problem” helps reinforce this notion.

To combat any team or tribal biases, it’s good to keep respect in mind. Specifically, respect for someone’s freedom to choose their values and beliefs without the need to persuade them otherwise. Respect and acceptance with a desire to serve is how I choose to show up for my customers. Genuinely empathizing with each other's values, will encourage a better relationship with everyone we do business with.

I appreciate ATBS for making the effort to better connect with its customers. They play a vital role in ensuring the success of my business, so that I may continue to provide excellent service to my customers. Thank you for taking the time to read this and remember: United we stand, divided we fall.


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