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Coaching Your Business Towards Success

Updated: Apr 25

Top athletes invest incredible amounts of time, hard work, and energy into a disciplined training regimen. In fact, many Olympic athletes schedule their training years in advance to ensure that they achieve their performance goals. Alongside every top athlete is a team of coaches dedicated to helping them achieve their success. From a nutrition coach to a workout coach, success depends on everyone working together.

Owner-operators need a top business team dedicated to their profits, tax preparation, and their overall financial health. ATBS is the preferred financial coach for thousands of owner-operators across the U.S. Owner-operators that work with ATBS are given a dedicated team of experts who provide key coaching tools that translates into greater profit, and less tax burden.

Steps for Coaching your Business Towards Success

Tool 1: The Profit Plan.

The ATBS coaching team is led by Business Consultants who know trucking inside and out. Clients are assigned a personal consulting coach who takes the time to guide them through a custom Profit Plan. This Profit Plan outlines not only the driver’s current financial state, it outlines career ambitions, and the steps it takes to achieve every goal.

Tool 2: Bookkeeping.

Imagine sending every receipt you sign to one team -- using any method you like, from a smart phone, fax, email, even US Mail. Next, imagine you can view those receipts anytime, anywhere with just a couple of clicks on your smart phone or desktop. It not only means you can produce a receipt to claim a warranty at a shop, but it means that tax season will be a breeze since your paperwork is automatically merged with your tax return. This is the ATBS Bookkeeping team -- the most technologically advanced, personal organization system for owner-operators in the industry.

Tool 3: Tax Preparation.

The ATBS tax team is defending your bank account at every turn. If you can submit your tax return and be 100% confident that you are writing off every one of the hundreds of possible owner-operator tax deductions, then we commend you. If you are not confident that you can get every possible deduction on your own, then ATBS is here to help. Tax preparation is a constantly evolving process and with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, your 2018 tax return is more complicated than ever. 

The ATBS tax team has organized a simple, three-step tax-filing process. ATBS clients can relax on April 15th knowing their taxes are complete, and that more of their money is staying where it belongs -- in their pocket.

Your team of business, bookkeeping, and tax coaches at ATBS are ready to serve you. 

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