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Top 10 Jokes for Tax Season

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Here at ATBS, we understand that tax season is no joke. However, we decided to lighten the mood by coming up with a list of our Top 10 Jokes for Tax Season. Each joke has a link to more information (serious stuff!), so while you are laughing you can still learn a little something along the way!

Tax Jokes

10) Tax Day is the day that truckers send their money to Washington, D.C. and wealthy Americans send their money to the Cayman Islands. (Jimmy Kimmel, with modifications)

Here is a list of other illegal tax practices!

9) Diesel Stations collect taxes -- federal, provincial, and local. They also sell diesel on the side. (Unknown)

8) Children may be deductible, but they are still taxing. (Unknown)

7) The IRS suggests filing early to reduce the chances that someone will steal your identity, and file before you. Honestly, if somebody wants my identity so badly that they'll file my tax return for me, go crazy. You can mow my lawn while you're at it too. (Jimmy Kimmel)

6) I'm not going to pay taxes. When they say I'm going to prison, I'll say “No”, prisons cost taxpayers a lot of money. You keep what it would have cost to incarcerate me, and we'll call it even.' (Jimmy Kimmel)

5) Tax reform is when you take the taxes off things that have been taxed already and put taxes on things that haven’t been taxed before. (Art Buchwald)

4) Worried about an IRS audit? Avoid what's called a red flag. That's something the IRS always looks for. For example, say you have some money left in your bank account after paying taxes, that's a red flag. (Jay Leno)

3) When it comes to taxes, there are two types of people. There are those that get it done early, also known as psychopaths, and then the rest of us. (Jimmy Kimmel)

These are some of the benefits of being a psychopath and filing your taxes early!

2) People that cheat on their taxes truly disgust me...This is not the world I want to raise my 27 dependents in.

And our favorite tax joke!

1) Question: Who makes the best detective - Sherlock Holmes, or an ATBS tax accountant?

Answer: The ATBS tax accountant - we find more deductions!


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