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Protecting Your Personal Information from Tax Fraud and Identity Theft

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Lately, we have seen an increasing number of tax fraud cases and identify theft. ATBS is committed to providing you with a tax and accounting experience that protects your personal information. We have built a world-class company with our client’s security in mind and our employees are trained on ATBS- specific security policies and procedures. As a team, we work diligently to protect the integrity of your personal information by employing the following standards:

Web Encryption

ATBS uses “https” [Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer] which was designed by Netscape and gives authentication and encryption for security-sensitive communication. Once you login to the ATBS Secure Client Portal, you will see a key or lock appear in your browser URL. This lock means the information cannot be accessed by anyone other than you and ATBS.

Extensive Background Checks

ATBS conducts a criminal background check and a financial background check on every team member. We require every employee to log-off at night and remove sensitive paperwork from his or her desks and personal workstations.


ATBS has world-class partnerships that use the highest level of security available to help protect our networks and data.

Document Management

We employ regular shredding processes and use a bonded shredding company to ensure all sensitive paperwork is carefully disposed of.

Passwords and Automatic Logoff

Employee passwords are changed regularly to ensure access to client information is secure. If an employee takes no action on their computer for several minutes, they will be locked out of their computer and a user name and unique password will unlock their system.


The IRS and a financial services firm that adheres to the highest security measures have audited ATBS. In both cases, ATBS was found to have secure systems and secure processes.

We live in a digital world and personal information can be compromised. It’s important to ask your financial institution how your personal information is secured. With everything we are doing to protect your information, please remember that it is important to take precautions to protect your personal information on your end. Please do not hesitate to ask your ATBS business consultant about data security. ATBS appreciates this opportunity to work with you.

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