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Perfectly Cooked Food for Truckers

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Truck driving does not leave one with a lot of time or convenience to do many tasks. Exercise, leisure, and cooking come to mind. There are many resources on exercising and eating healthy in past ATBS articles, but what about cooking food for truckers? Not just cooking mediocre meals, but cooking great quality food? There is an option that isn’t commonly known, and it’s called sous-vide cooking.

Food For Truckers

At the heart of sous-vide cooking is vacuum-sealed food cooked in heated, non-boiling water. What are the benefits of this cooking style? Meat, fish, and vegetables, along with some desserts, will cook to exact doneness, and not overcook, even if the food is left to cook longer than the minimum required time.

Another advantage of this style of cooking is portability and ease. All sous-vide cooking requires is an outlet and water. Most ‘water ovens’ and sous-vide setups are compact and easily placed in any area, including the cab of your truck. Cook meals at home or on the road, freeze them for later, and heat up whenever you need a satisfying, healthy meal.

Here are a few sous-vide cooking options to get you started:

Water Oven

Everything is built-in and all you need is some water and an outlet.

Recommended Product: SousVide Supreme Demi


This option requires a container to hold water - a tall pot, tub or a cooler works well.

Recommended Product: Anova Precision Cooker

Vacuum Sealer

A vacuum sealer is best, but similar results come from simply using a ziplock bag. Place the food-filled ziplock bag in water just below the seal to remove the air, then zip shut.

If you decide sous-vide cooking is right for you, remember that the purchase of cooking products is tax deductible. Drive safely, and eat well!

Author: NW Dexter

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