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The Rearview Mirror Series Episode 4: Managing IRS Compliance

Updated: Apr 19

As always, if you haven't watched the previous episodes, we'd recommend starting there and working your way forward.

Also as always, Episode 2 is the single most valuable & important video in this series, if you do nothing over than watch that video, you'll be on the right path.

The key to Managing IRS Compliance is twofold:

1. Be consistent - file taxes timely, pay as much as you can toward your quarterly tax estimates when they're due, and pay as much as you can toward any negotiated IRS settlements when they're due.

2. If you see financial trouble on the horizon, be proactive and call the IRS to let them know you may have trouble paying the full amount toward your settlement!

Remember that the IRS must accommodate changes in your income as it related to your negotiated settlement amount/plan. If your income changes, or is going to change, be proactive and call the IRS to see if they can adjust your payment plans to reflect your new income.

To check out the complete series, click here.

You can also learn about ATBS’ Proven Path for owner-operator truck drivers to get caught up on taxes and out of debt with the IRS by downloading our Tax Resolution Guide for Owner-Operators!

Remember, if you're in trouble with the IRS, or if you’re just trying to get ahead of any future problems with the IRS, our Tax Relief Pit Crew will be able to help you out! To learn more about our Tax Relief Pit Crew Service Packages, click here.

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