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The Rearview Mirror Series Episode 3: Negotiating With the IRS

Updated: Jan 30

If you haven't watched Episode 2, stop what you're doing and go watch/listen to Episode 2. Obtaining IRS Compliance is the single most important part of ATBS' proven process - go get that started before worrying about calling the IRS!

In this episode of the Rearview Mirror Series, Tom and Barney explain the general process of what goes into preparing for an IRS negotiation, as well as the basics of how the IRS call goes. Specific negotiation strategies & tactics will be discussed in-depth in Episode 5!

Biggest Takeaways:

  • Obtaining IRS Compliance (Episode 2) is most important, this MUST be done before you call the IRS!

  • Think about your story (why you're in the situation you're in with the IRS) and write it down before you call - IRS agents are human beings, and are willing to take your individual circumstances into account.

  • Get your documentation ready! Tax notices/documents, any medical info (physician's note), etc. - that information is vital to use your time effectively on the call.

  • Once you're on the phone with an IRS agent (which can take many hours of waiting!) the most important thing you can do is have great manners - say "please" and "thank you"!

  • Calm yourself and treat others like you want to be treated - if you aren't willing to be kind to IRS agents, and if you aren't willing to let them "lead" the conversation, you'd be better off paying a professional to handle the call.

  • If you have a very large balance due to the IRS, if the IRS is threatening to garnish your wages and/or put a lien on your assets, if an IRS "Revenue Officer" is assigned to your case, or if the stress of dealing with the IRS is simply making your life unnecessarily hard, we highly recommend using a trucking-specific tax relief team (like the ATBS Tax Relief Pit Crew!) to assist you.

  • We'll be talking about Managing IRS Compliance next week so you can ensure you never fall back into trouble with the IRS again after your negotiation is finished!

To check out the complete series, click here.

You can also learn about ATBS’ Proven Path for owner-operator truck drivers to get caught up on taxes and out of debt with the IRS by downloading our Tax Resolution Guide for Owner-Operators!

Remember, if you're in trouble with the IRS, or if you’re just trying to get ahead of any future problems with the IRS, our Tax Relief Pit Crew will be able to help you out! To learn more about our Tax Relief Pit Crew Service Packages, click here.

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