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Top 7 Things to do at GATS 2016

August 2016. The Great American Trucking Show (GATS) in Dallas, TX is quickly approaching! This convention (held August 25th-27th, 2016) will have many exciting events this year, so what should you be sure not to miss?

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Planning Vacations Around Freight and Your Budget

June 2016. As a truck driver you work long hours. You are often on the road for weeks at a time. Being able to take a week or two off to recharge throughout the year is important. Unfortunately, it requires not only finding the money in your budget, but also the time to be off the road.

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Tips for Trucking with Pets

December 2015. Being on the road for days and weeks at a time can become quite lonely. That’s why many owner-operators choose to have a co-pilot – and not of the human variety. Here are a few things to keep in mind when trucking with pets.

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The Business of Team Driving

November 2015. ATBS helps more than 400 team driving clients navigate the tax implications team drivers face. Read these top 6 considerations if you are thinking about team driving with your spouse or partner.

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Top 5 Weather Apps for Truckers

October 2015. There are a number of smartphone weather apps to choose from, but which is the best for you? Check out our list of the top 5 weather apps that we think are most helpful for truckers.

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How to Use CamScanner | Mobile Document Creator

If you like to do everything electronically, the idea of using a computer scanner to send your receipts to your accountant isn’t all that exciting. There is now a way for you to send all those receipts to your accountant right from your smartphone. It’s an app called CamScanner.

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Enjoy your Thanksgiving while on the Road!

November 2014. Thanksgiving is a time to slow down, relax, and be grateful for all the year has brought to us. But what do you do when you are working over the holiday? Here are some ways to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday while out on the road!

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Long Distance: Keeping Relationships Strong on the Road

September 2014. For a lot of drivers, leaving for work also means leaving your loved ones for a long period of time. It’s important to find ways to keep your relationships strong while you’re away and to work as a team, so that you can return to happiness and comfort after a long trip.

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Time is Your Biggest Asset

Company drivers quickly figure out how to get the time off that they want, and how to get it without significant penalties. But when the company driver becomes an owner-operator, the old company driver habits about time off should change with the new responsibilities.

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