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Mid-Year Tax Tips for Owner-Operators

Now is a great time to check in on your tax status and take steps towards lowering your tax liability. Here are the top 5 things an owner-operator can do mid-year to ensure their tax bill is manageable in the future.

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Declare Your Financial Independence Day

We’re getting close to the Fourth of July, when we celebrate the freedoms we enjoy in this country. The U.S. constitution grants us many of these liberties, but we have to earn others – such as our financial freedom.

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Rolling Kitchen Recipe: Easy Shrimp Dinner

This month's recipe of the month is for an easy shrimp dinner. This meal will not only pack a lot of flavor, but it's also a healthy option while you're on the road.

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Rolling Kitchen Recipe: Sweet Potato Breakfast Tacos

This month's recipe of the month is for breakfast tacos. This easy to fix meal will help get your day started right.

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Build Your Business: Managing Time

Follow these proven tips on planning your schedule to make more money.

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Repairing Your Credit in 5 Simple Steps

Whether you have overdue loan payments, years of high credit card balances, or accounts turned over to collections, there's always a way to repair your credit score. 

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How Aggressive Should I be with my Retirement Planning?

If you ever hope to retire and live off your savings, you need to be sure that you will have enough money to do so, and that your funds are safe and earning enough as you age. Experts recommend being prepared to have sufficient resources to generate between 70-90 percent of your earning power to carry you through retirement.

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10 Tips to Follow if You Receive a Letter from the IRS

Your taxes have been filed and some of you might have even received a refund from Uncle Sam. Unfortunately, some of you might not have been quite so lucky. You might have received a scarier letter from the IRS.  Each year the IRS mails millions of notices and letters to taxpayers. There are a variety of reasons why they might send you a notice. Here are the top 10 tips to know in case you get one.

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Rolling Kitchen Recipe: Mediterranean-style Pasta

This month's recipe of the month is for a Mediterranean-stye pasta. This is a great dish that can easily be cooked out on the road.

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