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With RumbleStrip Professional, we help truck drivers like you develop an initial profit plan to determine how many miles you need to run each week to earn the income you really want. We'll also keep track of all your revenue and expenses, and provide you with a monthly profit and loss statement to see how you're doing. We'll then compare those numbers to other drivers in the industry, so you can see where and how to improve your trucking business.

Throughout the year we'll provide you with estimated quarterly tax payments, and prepare and file your state and federal tax returns after an extensive review process.

The best part about this plan is that you will receive unlimited business coaching from a dedicated consultant. Give them a call any time you have questions about your business.

RumbleStrip Professional Features & Services

Unlimited Business Consulting

Have questions about your business? You will have unlimited access to a dedicated coach who will help you increase profits and save money on taxes.

Quarterly Tax Estimates

Based on your actual quarterly income and expenses, ATBS will prepare your quarterly tax estimates and remind you when they are due.

Year-End State/Federal Tax Returns

Don't pay more in taxes than you owe. We prepare your state and federal returns, helping you find every legal deduction you deserve.

Tax Reconciliation - Bottom Line Maximizer

We take our Bottom Line Checkup process and add a level of rigor to each month's analysis, making sure everything has been properly captured in your monthly profit and loss statement. This will allow you to take the maximum deduction on your taxes.

Monthly and Year-To-Date Profit and Loss Statements

Catch problems or leverage opportunities in your business with a financial snapshot of where things stand in both a monthly and year-to-date format.


Send us your receipts to scan and archive. You'll be able to view your documents 24/7 through our secure online client portal.

Secure Online Document Portal

 At any time of day or night, view your profit and loss statements, profit plan, receipts, and tax estimates in a password-protected online portal. 

Detailed Profit Plan

We will help you figure out how many miles you need to run to meet your financial goals.

Industry Benchmarking

We will compare your income and expenses to other drivers just like you. You can use this data to pinpoint areas where you excel, as well as areas where you might need improvement. Your consultant will help you develop a plan to get back on track if needed.

  • The profit and loss statement really shows us what we need to work on...

    "The profit and loss statement really shows us what we need to work on the next month. It could be our fuel expenses, empty miles, whether our insurance is too high or not high enough." - Jeff and Gracie D.

  • You all are AMAZING...

    "You all are AMAZING. I know I keep saying it, but it's the truth. Every year I can breathe easier knowing our taxes are in your hands, and that you will do whatever you can to save us as much as possible. Looking forward to finding out how many years we can go back to add our precious daughter on FINALLY!" - Simone P.

  • ATBS gives me a Profit and Loss statement each month...

    "ATBS gives me a Profit and Loss statement each month, that might show me I’ve been paying more for fuel than everyone else. Then I can figure out why. Or maybe I have been paying less that others, and it shows me I’m doing something right." - Susan M.

Join the thousands of owner-operators that trust ATBS to simplify their day-to-day life and keep their business profitable.

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