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The Top 20 Habits of Successful Owner-Operators

Updated: Feb 20

The most successful owner-operator truck drivers in the industry didn't get where they are because of sheer luck. These drivers are successful because of what they do each and every day. To improve your trucking business, start practicing these habits today!


1 - Understand Your Costs.

Know how to use your knowledge of costs, especially fixed expenses, to make decisions. It’s not hard to figure out and will put lots of money in your pocket. Learn More.

2 - Build Your Brand.

Whether you know it or not you have a Brand – not just your name but what you are known for. Remember, people like to do business with people they like. Learn More.

3 - Be Curious.

Keep learning - from experience, from other owner-operators, from your carrier, from mechanics, and from other business people. Learn More.

4 - Have a Maintenance Reserve.

Set up a separate bank account and fund it with more money than your anticipated maintenance needs. Learn More.

5 - Take Care of Yourself.

That means physical, mental, and emotional health. You are the Profit Engine for your business and your business needs a strong, healthy engine. Learn More.

6 - Be Safe.

Safety equals efficiency, and business owners must always be efficient. Learn More.

7 - Protect Your Credit.

Credit is a way to help you manage your business – it is not a way to help your cash flow. Pay credit cards off each and every month. Learn More.

8 - Show Up for Work.

You don’t get more time off for running your own business, especially in the beginning. Manage your time off wisely. Learn More.

9 - Know Your Customer.

Know who your customer is – no business in America will prosper without a customer. When it comes to customer service, you build trust in drops and lose it in buckets.