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Winterizing Your Truck: A Step-By-Step Plan

Actively taking steps to prepare your truck for winter is crucial for keeping your costs down, and staying safe in the cold, snowy months. Follow these guidelines and get your truck ready - winter is just around the corner!

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Everything You Need to Know About Chain Laws

October 2016. The weather is beginning to get a little cooler across the United States and some of the higher elevations are beginning to see snow. That means it’s time to freshen up on the chain laws in the states that you regularly run.

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Diesel Winterization

Not properly winterizing your diesel is simply not preparing for your operating environment, much the same as not having chains or the wrong seasonal clothing. Be prepared and proactive in keeping your diesel flowing this winter.

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A World Without Trucks

August 2016. Most of the general public does not realize how important trucks (and truck drivers) are in their lives. Sometimes when we don’t see the process our daily luxuries go through, we can take them for granted.

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The Next Step: Your Own Authority

July 2016. Jumping from being an owner-operator leased on with a motor carrier to actually becoming the motor carrier takes careful planning. 

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CVSA International Roadcheck 2016 Kicks Off June 7

The 2016 CVSA International Roadcheck gets started on June 7. This year there will be a special focus on tire safety.

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How to Choose the Right CDL Training School

February 2016. Choosing the right CDL training school is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your truck driving career. While you might think a school is a school and it’s just a requirement to getting your CDL, the right school can help you develop the necessary skills, land the perfect job, and network with fellow drivers.

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How Your Driving Habits Affect Fuel Mileage

January 2016. Right now the cost of fuel is low, but it may not always be that way. While you cannot control the cost of fuel, you do have some control over the rate of consumption. Aside from purchasing fuel efficient tires and driving an aerodynamic truck, understand how simply changing your driving habits can greatly improve your fuel economy.

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5 Things You Need to Know Before Switching to CNG

December 2015. There has been a huge push in the recent years for trucks, buses, and other vehicles to switch from diesel and gasoline to compressed natural gas (CNG) and there are many benefits to doing this. 

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