There are many reasons to continue to learn as much as possible about your field. Whether you’re motivated by money or just personal growth, ATBS has developed the Course for Advanced Business Standards (CABS) to help you succeed. Here are the top 5 reasons to continue your education:

Top 5 Reasons for Continuing Education

1) Value. 
You can become more valuable to your employers. A well-educated driver is more likely to have a stronger skill set in their field, and therefore is more likely to get better jobs.

2) Skills.
As an owner-operator, you’re the face of your company. Acquiring the skills for how to run your business successfully can create more opportunities, help you develop better relationships, and therefore generate more revenue.

3) Money.
Whether it’s by learning new ways to save on fuel costs, invest, or find tax deductions – there are plenty of times when having additional education about your business can generate more income for your bank account.

4) Security.
When you know what to expect down the road, you can be rest assured that you’re prepared for anything. Additional education can help you plan ahead and be ready for any problems that come your way in the future.

5) Fulfillment.
You can feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment after completing your education. Learning new skills and tricks of the trade can help you feel happier in your life, have a greater sense of confidence, and feel a sense of fulfillment in the future. 

Choosing to put your career as an owner-operator first with additional education will put you in the driver’s seat for future success!


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