In this episode of the Rearview Mirror Series, we answer some of the most common questions truck drivers have about back taxes and tax resolution.

Some of the Questions We Answer in This Video Include:

"Why does the IRS make you pay taxes twice on April 15th?"

"I heard your tax debt goes away after 10 years, is that right?"

"My buddy told me the IRS will throw me in jail because of back taxes, can they?"

"If someone puts a lien on my assets/property, can I still sell the asset/property?"

"I have to file back taxes, but I was single then and married now, do I file single or joint in those old years?"

"If I file an old tax return, do current tax laws apply, or do the tax laws from that year apply?"

"I'm really far behind on taxes, but haven't heard from the IRS, if I look up my transcripts, will that put me on the IRS' radar?"

"I heard from someone who told me that taxes are unconstitutional and I don't have to pay them, is that true?"

"Have the dates for 2021 changed back to normal for quarterly tax estimates & tax filing? I know they were different in 2020."

"I'm getting older, can your IRS debt be forgiven when you pass away?"

To check out the complete series, click here.

You can also learn about ATBS’ Proven Path for owner-operator truck drivers to get caught up on taxes and out of debt with the IRS by downloading our Tax Resolution Guide for Owner-Operators!

Remember, if you're in trouble with the IRS, or if you’re just trying to get ahead of any future problems with the IRS, our Tax Relief Pit Crew will be able to help you out! To learn more about our Tax Relief Pit Crew Service Packages, click here.


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