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Did Rusty Refer You to ATBS? Let us know!

Get to Know Rusty!

1. Where are you from?


2. What kind of loads do you haul?

Have hauled Flatbed, Curtain Van (Heavy Haul), Reefer & Dry Van. Currently running Dry Van for the season.

3. What kind of truck do you drive?

2013 Kenworth T680 (Drop Axle) with a Cummins ISX15 Set up for heavy hauling and everything in between!

4. Where do you usually haul to?

Anywhere in the lower 48 but favor the West and Pacific Northwest.

5. How long have you been a driver?
17 Years

6. What carrier do you drive with?

RNS Trucking/Landstar

7. Why did you decide to use ATBS?

ATBS was recommended by Landstar as a great tool to help keep track of our finances as owner-operators. 

8. What do you listen to on the radio?

Country Music, Conservative Talk Radio

9. What are you most passionate about in trucking?

The independence of being an owner-operator. As a mechanic, I am able to work on my own truck and share that knowledge with other drivers. Lastly, my family travels with me and we share life together.

10. Do you still use a CB radio?

YES! CB Radio's are CRUCIAL to driving! Alleviates boredom, allows others to warn you if something is wrong with your truck, drivers can tell you about correct routes, the weather, accidents, literally it was, and should be, the lifeline to a truck driver.

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