Purpose: The primary responsibilities of the Assistant Controller are to: oversee the accurate preparation of financial reports, prepare analyses, present information and ensure financial transactions are accounted for in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. The responsibilities include preparing financial statements, monitoring accounts payable and accounts receivable, overseeing payroll processes, evaluating budgets, coaching and inspiring employees and tracking information pertaining to company assets. The Assistant Controller also ensures that accounting processes used within the company meet state and federal regulations. The Assistant Controller reports to the Controller.

Passionately Coach and Inspire Employees

  • Work with the Controller to coach, mentor and instruct employees to achieve their maximum potential and motivate them to perform their duties with excellence thereby contributing to the success of ATBS.

Fervently Create Financial Statements

  • One of the primary duties of the Assistant Controller is to work with the controller to generate internal financial reports for the company. This includes creating financial statements regarding balance sheets, statements of income, and statements of cash flow. In addition, the Assistant Controller assists with the auditing process.

Proactively Manage Accounts Receivable and Payable and Oversee Payroll

  • The Assistant Controller ensures that ATBS is paid in a timely manner by customers, and vendors are paid accurately and in a timely manner. Duties in this area include tracking invoices, managing collections and performing account reconciliations.
  • The Assistant Controller is responsible for payroll administration, timely updating personal records, maintaining the 401K plan, H.S.A. plan and FSA plan. The Assistant Controller is also responsible for processing payroll changes and administering employee benefits. 

Skillfully Prepare and Evaluate Budgets

  • As part of reporting on the financial operations of the company, the Assistant Controller is responsible for creating and maintaining budgets for several departments. The Assistant Controller presents budget reports to the controller and other members of management and participates in the evaluation and adjustments, if necessary, of these budgets.



  • Bachelor’s degree required, degree in accounting is preferred (if another business major, course work shall include accounting classes)



  • 3-5 years relevant experience
  • Demonstrated ability with Microsoft Excel and Word